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Our Testimonials

 The story of FlexiCadastre began 10 years ago, when Spatial Dimension won a World Bank funded project to implement a new computerised mining cadastre system for Mozambique. From this relatively humble beginning, FlexiCadastre now has over 1200 users in both the Public and Private sectors and on all continents except Antarctica.

As part of our "10 years of FlexiCadastre" celebrations, Spatial Dimension asked our customers to submit testimonials, anecdotes and case studies. Here are some extracts from the ones we have received to date:

Congratulations to the Spatial Dimension Team on your 10th Anniversary. You and the FlexiCadastre software have certainly enjoyed many changes over the years. I remember fondly first meeting with you mid-year 2006 when Barrick Corporation investigated the use of FlexiCadastre as its enterprise solution for standardized land management practices globally.

We are aware that Barrick’s determination to customize five Regional FlexiCadastre instances in order to best meet the legal and regulatory requirements of numerous Jurisdictions – including a second language - while adhering to Corporate standardized practices posed a real challenge for Spatial Dimension and considerable development of new functionality to meet our needs.

I was privileged to be personally involved with each of our Regional developments and have had the opportunity to work with many of the Business Analysts, Developers and support personnel within Spatial Dimension. The creative minds and sensitivity to Corporate needs provided by the Spatial Dimension in working with the Barrick Teams has resulted in a tool that surpasses our initial expectation.

Barrick now uses FlexiCadastre not only for managing its surface and mineral land rights as well as the obligations and rights of all types of agreements in all five Regions, but additionally manages compensation / relocation / resettlement activity in two. One Region has also customized the software to manage the Corporate Grievances Policy with consideration being given to adopting this functionality globally. This could not have been possible without the flexibility of both the software and the Spatial Dimension staff.

No matter how well a System has been designed, from time to time there is a need for support. The timely response consistently received from Spatial Dimension is very much appreciated and has allowed our work to continue with no loss of rights.

It has been a rewarding seven years with Spatial Dimension and we look forward to continuing our relationship.

Margie Winsel Boorda, Director, Corporate Land Management, Barrick Gold Corporation/AfricanBarrick Gold

FlexiCadastre has done the Department of Geological Survey and Mines proud and has reduced processing significantly as well as enhanced transparency in the mining sector. Today we boast of keeping pace with latest technology and developments. Thanks to Spatial Dimension!

Gabriel Data, Project Coordinator, Ugandan Department of Geological Survey and Mines

AngloGold Ashanti's entire experience with the implementation of FlexiCadastre went remarkably well from the word go. If you think about all the variables that are at play when implementing any new IT system - different  stakeholders, different needs and expectations, multiple jurisdictions, multiple languages and cultures - it is normally a recipe for disaster and numerous challenges.

However, the talented and experienced analysts and developers at Spatial Dimension quickly made sense from the chaos and started adding value to the team at AngloGold Ashanti. From their excellent planning skills, to their solid product, to on-time delivery that was within budget, Spatial Dimension performed exceptionally well. Communication between Spatial Dimension and AngloGold Ashanti was painless.

Comments about Spatial Dimension from employees on the AngloGold Ashanti side include ‘Easy to work with’, ‘Responsive’, ‘Quick to become subject matter experts’, ‘Professional’, ‘On time’, ‘Great at suggesting improvements’, and ‘Well organized’.

Once FlexiCadastre was up and running, we were able to view for the first time, the location and outlines of all of our tenements, in real time, with the click of a button. Budgeting is now a piece of cake as we can easily run reports summarising AngloGold Ashanti’s annual financial obligations for each tenement, for each jurisdiction, for the next fiscal year.

FlexiCadstre has also provided us with one platform which consolidates all of our multiple jurisdictional tenement information and statutory requirements. Not talking about consolidating the efforts of the various legal teams spread across the globe where FlexiCadastre is the central managing tool and repository for all global contracts and agreements.

FlexiCadstre has enabled the legal teams to manage various legal and contractual obligations on all of our corporate contracts in such a manner that the senior management team has a global view of AngloGold Ashanti’s exposure and commitments.

When it comes to implementing tenement and contract management software, I highly recommend Spatial Dimension and their product – FlexiCadstre.

André Oosthuizen, Tenement and Agreement Specialist, Continental Africa, AngloGold Ashanti

Congratulations on 10 years of FlexiCadastre! Goldcorp has implemented the software in Canada, USA, Chile, Argentina and Mexico. We have developed a strong partnership with the Spatial Dimension teams in the various jurisdictions, and continue to work together to improve upon what we now have in place.

Thank you for your efforts and diligence on all of our implementations, and we wish you every success in the future!

Christine Saari, Regional Land Manger, Goldcorp

Our development experience with Spatial Dimension has been fantastic. They have adapted FlexiCadastre to our every need. When we decided to take our project in a different direction they changed gears and moved in the direction we needed to go in. The ideas, responsiveness and implementation have been far beyond industry norms and even my own expectations.

It's a pleasure to work with a firm which not only understands and accommodates customer requests, but also adds value through innovation. From all of us at the Ministry of Mines Energy and Water Development in Zambia we thank you.

Willie Chilufya, Senior Mining Engineer, Zambia Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development

Impala Platinum has decided to implement FlexiCadastre to manage its Mineral Assets as well as Agreements, after a process of intense comparison and evaluation between integrated versus best of breed solutions.

The requirement to industry as prescribed by MPRDA necessitates high levels of monitoring of the administrative side of your Mineral Rights. To ensure that the management of this takes place optimally, complex workflows was built and tested. The recent 2008 amendment MRPDA is currently being built into our workflows.

The Impala implementation team comprises of the Legal, Environmental and Geology Departments – all of which have been involved in numerous workshops to ensure we get the best possible solution.

Throughout the process, which started at a scoping session and is currently at soft go-live point with ongoing UATs, the FlexiCadastre team has been professional, eager to assist, always able to suggest one or more solutions for an identified problem, willing to demonstrate and explain again and again until it makes sense, and so it goes on.

The team’s understanding of the MPRDA and quick understanding of raised issues went a far way in facilitating (sometimes lively) discussions and finding solutions to manage the identified issues.

Migration of data from the old system and document uploads were also handled successfully.

We have also identified that Company Secretariat information can be managed comprehensively and successfully through FlexiCadastre.

FlexiCadastre definitely offers the optimal solution for managing Mineral Assets, as well as agreements. Congratulations on a successful 10 years. 

Elrina Lategan, Legal Administrator, Impala Platinum Limited

The Mineral Resources Authority of Papua New Guinea chose Spatial Dimension because of their vast technical experience in implementing mining cadastre solutions and FlexiCadastre surpassed all our immediate and foreseeable business needs.

Diclah Taureka, Manager - Special Project Unit, Mineral Resources Authority, Papua New Guinea

With a press of a button, all our monthly obligations are managed, something that in the past used to take forever. Government Departments get paid their prospecting fees / royalty payments in time without late payment which in the past attracted interest payments.

Anglo American business units get numerous compliance audits. Those units using FlexiCadastre were audited GREEN all across board. Never in the history of using FlexiCadastre has a single right missed a due date. Other business units were also introduced to FlexiCadastre and are now on board, with great success.

By word of mouth, other mining companies have heard about FlexiCadastre and enquired as to Anglo’s experiences of FlexiCadastre. It is with great pleasure that we can respond on all the positive attributes FlexiCadastre brought to the company.

FlexiCadastre is without a doubt a management tool for Anglo American in managing its assets today, tomorrow and in time to come.

Congratulations to Spatial Dimension for delivering an excellent product which caters for all our needs.  A friendly, professional team which is always just a phone call away.  Never is anything ever too big or too small for them to handle.  If they do not have an answer to a query today, be rest assured, they will get back to you with an answer/solution within 24 hours.

Carol-Ann Mocke, Paralegal Officer, Anglo American, Corporate Office, South Africa

The Ministry of Energy and Minerals implemented a Mining Cadastral Information Management System (MCIMS) in 2007 and Flexicadastre has been the central implementation tool. Spatial Dimension has been a close partner to Tanzania’s MCIMS project throughout, through FlexiCadastre support services and capacity building to our MCIMS staff. 

Going forward, Tanzania is looking to leveraging the functionality of FlexiCadastre further to enable online services and improve on Management Information Services. This is expected to further enhance transparency and investments in the minerals sector.

John M. Nayopa, Assistant Commissioner for Mineral Licenses, Tanzanian Ministry of Energy and Minerals

Congratulations to all at Spatial Dimension as you celebrate 10 years of FlexiCadastre excellence.

From humble beginnings you have excelled in your business and as a contractor who has been part of the FlexiCadastre implementation at Impala Platinum, I can attest to the outstanding skills and knowledge of the Spatial Dimension team and was impressed with their knowledge of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act.

All the necessary and required workflows are now in place to ensure that all commitments are met timeously and required actions, notifications and controls were developed to ensure that the people responsible for these actions complete them successfully.

Any company battling with the complexities of the MPRDA in South Africa will do themselves a huge favour by investing in the professional and easy to use FlexiCadastre system.

Good luck comes from hard work and you deserve all the good luck that comes your way.

Thea Jansen van Vuuren, Contractor assisting Impala Platinum
Some of the problems for a Head of Mining Cadastre are trying to memorize the names, numbers and details of all the mining rights. However often the worst nightmares are related to the lack of trust among the workers of the Mining Cadaster Office. We often think that the other is doing something under the table with respect to the selling of mining rights. So THANK YOU Spatial Dimension, I can now sleep in peace and keep my blood pressure down by using FlexiCadastre......So let's all go FlexiCadastre forever! Geraldo Valoi, Deputy Director of Mines, Mozambique Ministry of Mineral Resources

In the complex world of land management FlexiCadastre delivers in making life easier in understanding it all and guiding the user through the whole process. Congratulations on 10 years of Flexicadastre and for the great help your staff and software has given me.

Wade Perrie, GIS Cartographer, Barrick Gold Corporation

Issues of spatial overlaps and cadastre paper work is now history since the Government of Uganda through Department of Geological Survey and Mines (DGSM) completed the implementation of a computerized Mining Cadastre and Registry System (MCRS) in June 2012.

The Ugandan MCRS uses the FlexiCadastre system that supports all of the key business processes of the mineral sector and is fully compliant with the existing legislation as well as configured to the DGSM working environment. It is a very flexible system that is operated by cadastre officers located in various offices. It initially looked challenging but FlexiCadastre managed the complexity of our set up.

Congratulations to the Spatial Dimension team for migrating us from an analogue system to the latest technology. Life has never been more flexible and transparent with FlexiCadastre system!

Agnes Alaba, Acting Assistant Commisssioner, Ugandan Department of Geological Survey and Mines

Since 2007, FlexiCadastre has achieved what the previous software that CAMI used had never been able to. By contracting Spatial Dimension we have also had the pleasure of working with experienced consultants who know how to solve the challenges that typically arise in the land and mining sector.

So thank you to all in the Spatial Dimension family, it was not always easy, excellence never is, but I value the knowledge sharing and friendliness that I have always received from you. I'm proud to have worked with your team and talk about CAMI as the true mirror of the mining sector of the DRC and the gateway for the mining investor through FlexiCadastre.

Joseph Intiomale, System Administrator, Cadastre Minier (CAMI/DRC)

Goldcorp started out thinking that a custom built system for the management of our Land Tenure was what we wanted.

When we took a look at the FlexiCadastre Product we quickly realized it had much of the functionality that we required, but the best part was that we were able to work with Spatial Dimension to customize and configure the system to meet our Jurisdictional requirements.

As users of FlexiCadastre we believe it is helping us “work smarter, and not harder”. The software is a great book of record – everything in one spot from management of agreements, licenses, taxes and shapes! We now have the peace of mind that are tenure is safe and believe that no land will be lost because of Flexi!
Working with the Spatial Dimension team over the last few years has been a great experience. It’s been a pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable, talented, hardworking and dedicated group of people Thank you to all at Spatial Dimension!! Congratulations on 10 years of success!

Paula A Valerio, Land Manager, Goldcorp

Congratulations to Spatial Dimension. May you continue your work with the professionalism, excellence and dedication we have experienced on our projects to date!

Chadreque Guambe, Mining Cadastre Lawyer, Mozambique Ministry of Mineral Resources

As the former Executive manager of Geological Survey Division, Mineral Resources Authority of PNG I was introduced to FlexiCadastre about 3 years ago, by Charles Young and Eva Stredder.

After previously working in the Department of Mines and Energy in Queensland I immediately saw the utility of the system for operation in a developing country and promoted the utility of the system for operation in PNG.

After a long period of negotiation with the World Bank Technical Assistance Program and the acceptance of bids for the program, Spatial Dimension was accepted as the contractor to introduce a Digital Mining Tenement Administration System into PNG.

The professionalism of the staff in the inception phase of the project has been amazing and the enthusiasm of local staff to take up the system has been very encouraging and I look forward to the implementation of the system into the country.

Leonard Cranfield, Consultant, Mineral Resources Authority, Papua New Guinea

I'm so excited to note that you are growing and excelling in your business endeavors. I really admire your innovation, due diligence and commitment towards achieving these outstanding successes. Your people are really exceptional and gifted and I have no doubt that the existing achievements are just the beginning as you will achieve far more extraordinary things.

Imani M. Adam, Computer System Analyst, Tanzanian Ministry of Energy and Minerals

Barrick Gold’s story with FlexiCadastre in South America began almost 7 years ago, when our Corporate office decide to implement a standardised Land Management Solution for all Barrick Gold offices around the globe. The implementation in South America was initially a challenge and not easy to develop but with the experience, a lot of team work, effort and great support from the Spatial Dimension team we did it and we are now proud to say we were the first ones in South America.

The implementation involved five countries in the Region (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) all with different types of laws, different licenses types, different procedures, different languages and users but all with the same expectations: to implement a solution capable of meeting the needs of all jurisdictions on a global scale.

I remember long daily face to face meetings with Spatial Dimension sharing knowledge, culture and working together; building a strong relationship. It’s been 7 years now and thanks to the efforts of the Spatial Dimension team and hard work all round we are glad to say we did; it may not have been easy to be the first ones in the Region implementing FlexiCadastre but we are proud to say we successfully made it.

Thanks to Spatial Dimension for all your hard work, support and team work…we proudly say Congratulations on these 10 years and thank you for being there with us! It makes us very happy to see how much you have grown as a company. Keep the hard and excellent work!


Claudia Valdivia, Regional System Administrator, Barrick Sudamérica

Congratulations Spatial Dimension for your successes.Your are on track! Good governance in Mineral Rights Management is key for investor confidence in a country. I hope more countries can benefit!

Simon M. Mwalimu, Past Head of Cadastre, Zambia Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development

The more I use FlexiCadastre the more I can get out of it and the friendly help I get from the Spatial Dimension staff is exceptional.



Judy Kacan, Land Manager, Red Lake Gold Mines

Before we implemented FlexiCadastre, processing mineral licenses applications were manual and time consuming. Today, FlexiCadastre helps a lot and has enhanced the overall transparency in the mining sector.

Our staff say as soon as they get familiar with the system they see the immediate benefits. FlexiCadastre is a valuable investment!

Ousmane Cisse, Director of Mines & Geology, Ministry of Energy & Mines, Senegal

Hochshild Mining, a significant producer of gold and silver in Latin America, selected FlexiCadastre to manage all our mineral rights licenses located in Perú, México, Argentina and Chile.

As Land Manager in México I have participated during the whole process, starting with Rogerio Castejon’s introduction couple years ago, Felipe Allegretti’s training sessions and Arturo Quiroga’s adjusting and final configurations.

During FlexiCadastre implementation we had a few challenges and the most complicated was how we were going to conciliate different ideas, concepts and terms from four distinct jurisdictions. After some meetings and thoughtful time we have successfully accomplished that task though the flexible nature of FlexiCadastre.

The most exciting features of FlexiCadastre for me are the possibility to follow up all stages of a license, join venture contracts and related licenses and the notification framework. These are fundamental to maintain a good governance and compliance.

My personal conclusion is that FlexiCadastre is, undoubtedly, a unique tool regarding to mineral rights management. Working with FlexiCadastre and its team have been a positive experience. I have been able to expand knowledge, find out about different jurisdictions and, personally, I have made good friends with Rogerio, Felipe and Arturo.

I would definitely recommend FlexiCadastre to other mining companies!

David Mendoza, Legal & Land Manager, Hochshild Mining México

Thank you for your professionalism on our Rwanda Mining Rights Management System (RMRMS) Project. In particular your project management and reporting has been much appreciated.

Innocent Musabyimana, Director of Planning, Rwandan Ministry of Natural Resources

I´ve started using FlexiCadastre in 2012 and I have to say that is a wonderful tool to manage both tenements and agreements. Since we started using it our management procedures have improved and we have significantly reduced the risk of losing tenements for not meeting our contractual requirements.

Also the people at Spatial Dimension are real professionals. So thank you Spatial Dimension to make my life easier!

Tenement Manager, Multinational Mining Company

Congratulations to FlexiCadastre for providing a product that delivers everything, a package that allows land management to operate at a whole new level. We now manage all land transactions from renewing unpatented claims to agreements and obligations. Coupling this with nothing short of excellent staff and great customer service, it has truly been a pleasure working with you!

Debbie Woito, Land Management Coordinator, Porcupine Gold Mine

Our Ministry has at times had very complex requirements, but these have always been successfully solved by Spatial Dimension and their FlexiCadastre solution. This has helped our cadastre modernisation efforts in order to improve transparency and attract quality investment in Zambia.

Gideon Ndalama, Director of Mines Safety, Zambian Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development