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Leveraging FlexiCadastre to ensure MPRDA compliance

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Leveraging FlexiCadastre to ensure MPRDA compliance


Companies in South Africa are faced with challenges due to a growing need for greater compliance to meet the increasing legislative requirements and demands imposed by Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (MPRDA). The act makes provision for equitable access to, and sustainable development of South Africa’s mineral and petroleum resources. FlexiCadastre is configurable to manage mineral rights and associated agreements.

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Managing MPRDA Obligations using FlexiCadastre


Companies mining or prospecting in South Africa need to comply with the MPRDA and corresponding regulatory obligations. With Government focussing on strengthening administrative processes and administering sanctions for noncompliance, failure to meet any of the financial, reporting or other requirements can result in penalties and/or loss of tenure. The challenge is to secure all mineral assets and mitigate risk by ensuring that all obligations are met.


  • Improve risk mitigation using an early warning system to ensure that all obligations are met.
  • Improve governance and compliance with Mining Law & Regulations
  • Provide a secure and accessible data and document repository for all correspondence, reports, agreements and contracts relating to the management of land related assets.


Leverage FlexiCadastre to manage the complete application, granting, maintenance, renewal and closure phase of prospecting and mining rights and their associated agreements.

  • Configure Workflows for all internal company processes in addition to the MPRDA jurisdictional requirements.
  • Assign responsibility and accountability to specified FlexiCadastre users.
  • Generate high level reports for budget forecasts, statuses and upcoming obligations.
  • Integrate FlexiCadastre with existing enterprise systems and data.
  • Increase transparency and accountability using the Audit functionality provided by FlexiCadastre.
  • Improve governance and compliance using standard procedures and defined business rules. 


FlexiCadastre has been implemented successfully in a number of major mining companies to ensure their compliance with the MPRDA. The benefit is that FlexiCadastre mitigates risks by scheduling, notifying and tracking on-going obligations, reporting requirements and payments to ensure companies are compliant with the legislative requirements thereby securing their assets.

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