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Leveraging FlexiCadastre for EITI Reporting

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Leveraging FlexiCadastre for EITI Reporting


Extractive industries fail to deliver benefits to citizens in many resource-rich countries of the world. Reasons for this are complex and effective monitoring and management of the Extractive Industry Value Chain, as well robust regulatory systems, can greatly alleviate such negative impacts.

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) has evolved a Global Standard that promotes transparency and improved governance in a country's extractives sector. The EITI Standard, published in 2013 (, provides detailed guidelines for a country to achieve and maintain EITI Compliance. The elaboration of the EITI Report, its Validation and dissemination, are key elements of the EITI Process.

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Issues confronting Governments in compiling data for EITI Reports include:

  • Providing comprehensive, detailed, reliable data in a timely fashion.
  • Disaggregated reporting with data presented by payment type, company and government agency including State Owned Companies, and by project for companies.
  • Disaggregation by commodity is considered extremely useful.
  • Managing and reporting on licenses.
  • Disclosure of contracts and ownership of licenses as well as social contributions.
  • Extracting data on revenue streams.


Facilitate the EITI Reporting process for governments through easy access to, and retrieval of, detailed actualized revenue and related data held within the FlexiCadastre License and contracts management system (Mining Cadastre).


Leverage FlexiCadastre’s advanced reporting and data extraction functionality for: 

  • Concession and tenure reporting including license holders, license area coordinates, application dates, granting dates, duration of license and commodities.
  • Revenue stream reporting including royalties, dividends, bonuses, license fees, rental fees etc.
  • Contract and agreement reporting, including beneficial ownership through shareholding functionality, and conditions (obligations).
  • Facilitating the disaggregation of data by payment type, commodity, by company and Government agency (Mining Cadastre), and by project if required.


Through implementing the EITI and the publication of company payments and government revenues, public trust is restored in those government institutions that manage extractive industries. Moreover, improving government systems for managing information about extractive industries promotes investment and boosts revenues from the sector.

FlexiCadastre provides integrated tools to facilitate information management and reporting for governments.

Spatial Dimension supports the goals of the EITI through our engagements with Private & Public sector clients.

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