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Managing Community Resettlement

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Managing Community Resettlement


When operations are initiated at a new mine site or when extending an existing mine footprint, mining companies face the numerous and diverse challenges involved with relocating and resettling communities affected by the mining activities.

Community Resettlement involves the compensation of individuals for land and property as well as ensuring that people are successfully relocated off the land. Resettlement may be to company designated areas/houses, to other suitable locations as agreed between the parties involved, or an individual may get offered a settlement payment that would enable them to purchase a new property.

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To manage the Community Resettlement and Compensation process including surveys, payments and construction of houses in a single integrated system.


  • Conduct accurate spatial surveys and valuations of existing land as well as new resettlement plots to calculate Resettlement entitlement and to spatially track an individual's movements.
  • Manage the resettlement process, including pay out of transportation and accommodation allowances.
  • Accurately track relocation status of the existing land parcels.
  • Manage the construction of new houses, including contractor details, contractor payments, house inspections and handover.
  • Ensure tight Financial Control and Budget Forecasting.
  • Establish a searchable database of historic payments for record keeping and grievance management purposes.


  • Model processes relating to Relocation and Resettlement Compensation into Workflows according to the mining company’s internal procedures and any agreements negotiated with local communities.
  • Manage all tasks, within given time frames, including scheduled meetings, surveys, site visits, payments, house construction etc.
  • Use integrated GIS mapping tools to provide precise localities for all aspects of the resettlement process including the existing parcel, resettlement parcel, grave sites, gardens etc.
  • System recorded decision management around individual resettlement election.
  • Generate all relevant Reports and Forms used in the Resettlement process.


FlexiCadastre is implemented as a fully integrated Community Resettlement solution which records and manages all aspects of the process involved in relocating communities. This solution provides comprehensive searching and reporting capabilities on historic data and future obligations, to improve business management, social obligations and community relations.

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