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FlexiCadastre Modular Framework

The modular approach of the FlexiCadastre platform allows you to build out your solution by only investing in the components that make sense for your organization. 

Whether is it a functional tool to address the workflow and process needs in a specific region, a productivity enhancement which helps your team be more efficient together or a piece of functionality that helps protect your organization, FlexiCadastre Modules are available to ensure your solution is returning maximum value.

FlexiCadastre Modules

The process of managing land and related obligations varies greatly around the world and across organizations and can be complex and often repetitive; streamlining the steps needed to manage this work is key to accurate and efficient results. The tools provided in the Bulk Editing Productivity Module for FlexiCadastre help stream line otherwise repetitive data maintenance tasks where the same updates need to be applied to multiple items. These tools help your team be more efficient in the day-to-day management of Licenses, Agreements, Groups, Actions, Approvals and other items located in Jurisdictions where these can be managed in bulk.

Tools included :

  • Bulk License Editing Tools: Allows users to edit information on the general license details tab for multiple licenses. Licenses need to be of the same type and status in order to be edited in bulk.
  • Bulk Action Editing Tools: Facilitates editing and closing of actions and their associated check list items in bulk along with triggering any subsequent business rules in bulk. This is very useful in Jurisdictions where actions such as decisions, work commitments and renewals are typically dealt with in groups.
  • Bulk Approval Editing Tools: Permits Managers and Supervisors to deal with action approvals in bulk and is also very useful in Jurisdictions where actions such as decisions, work commitments and renewals are typically dealt with in groups.
  • Bulk New License Wizard: This tool allows users to enter licenses in bulk specifying shared attributes via a wizard driven approach. If available, spatial data from a Shapefile, Esri Geodatabase, MapInfo TAB file, or from other shapes within FlexiCadastre can be used to define license shapes. 
  • Grid Splitting Tool: This tool allows users to generate a grid of multiple individual licenses using a pre-defined area of interest from an existing license shape. The multiple shapes generated using this tool can then be used as the source data for the Bulk New License Wizard described above.

Almost as important as having a good inventory of your own holdings and obligations, tracking those of your competitors can be the advantage determining winning or losing a new development opportunity. The Competitor Monitoring Module for FlexiCadastre helps you stay a step ahead of your competitors by providing a tool for comparative analysis between snapshots of license data over time.

The analysis helps expose competitive opportunities based on recent or impending status and ownership changes through an intuitive map interface and structured reporting - keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

Key Features : 

  • Upload snapshots of compiled license data based on your area and dates of interest to the Competitor Monitoring module for comparison.
  • Compare any two data snapshots and identify which licenses have been added, removed or changed in both shape and tracked attributes.
  • Implements a standard Esri Geodatabase importer with extensibility to add custom importers for defined data formats (Government or other 3rd party formats).
  • Configurable reports which list and map new, relinquished / abandoned (deleted) or otherwise changed licenses.
  • Distribute Competitor Reports via e-mail.

Regulatory compliance and operational transparency are increasingly critical in today’s business world where corporate governance is highly scrutinized by investors and regulators alike.

By adding a complete audit trail of all changes to your data, modification of processes and access to the system, the Compliance Module for FlexiCadastre helps you meet internal and external corporate compliance requirements, simplify process audits and manage accountability.

Key Features :

  • Auditing capability down to the record level throughout the system, including recording of: 
    • Add / Edit / Delete on all key business data,
    • All changes or additions to business rules and workflows,
    • All system log-ins plus attempted log-ins.
  • Documents full details including user, date/time, context, description and outcome of individual audit records
  • Audit reporting through a standard System Audit report (Custom reports also available)
  • Export Audit data to Microsoft Word or Excel

For larger organizations, the flexibility to distribute responsibility, accountability around delegated work and streamlining system access can mean the difference between progress and delay for your business. The tools provided in the Enterprise Productivity Module for FlexiCadastre help your team be more effective in sharing / splitting responsibilities and efficient in their delivery.

Tools Included :

  • Out of Office: The Out of Office Tool allows users to flag themselves as “Out of Office” and delegate their responsibilities to another user. Once responsibilities are assigned, notification is delivered in two ways:
    • an email is sent to the assigned user informing them of this change
    • a pop-up appears when they next log in. On return, the “Out of Office” user is prompted to decide whether to return to the original responsibility assignments.
  • User Groups: A User Group is a collection of user accounts treated as a single user. Authorisation can be administered on the User Group, and the User Group can be assigned the responsibilities of a User. This module facilitates shared roles and responsibilities for dealing with actions, provides administrators an easier method for assigning authorization to business data, and allows reports, saved searches and notifications to be easily distributed to groups of users. User Groups provide an efficient means to manage the responsibilities and authorisations of teams of users with similar roles.
  • Single Sign On: Leverage your Microsoft Active Directory domain accounts to automatically authenticate, log in and redirect users to the home page, without any prompt from the standard log in screen for a user name or password.

Communicating with stakeholders outside your core land and obligation management team can be key to recognizing the success of your program. The External Notification Module for FlexiCadastre adds a communication channel to efficiently contact individuals not registered in the FlexiCadastre system with changes and updates.

For Government clients, this allows FlexiCadastre to automatically notify license holders and applicants on updates to the status of their claims processing. In the Corporate space, this permits an efficient delivery of updates to Management or notification to Partners and other external stakeholders with process or status updates.

Key Features :

  • Email & SMS notification to external parties who are not registered as FlexiCadastre users.
  • Automatically distribute notifications of upcoming obligations to partners, managers and other external stakeholders.

Leverage your investment in Microsoft SharePoint by extending FlexiCadastre’s document management options to deliver a configurable, bi-directional integration into your Document Libraries with the SharePoint Connector for FlexiCadastre.

This Extension allows users to seamlessly and securely manage Agreements, Contracts, Reports and other critical document storage in SharePoint as part of their regular FlexiCadastre workflow.

Key Features :

  • From within FlexiCadastre, users interface with SharePoint to:
    • View Documents
    • Upload Documents
    • Link to Existing Documents
    • Create / Save Related Reports
  • Builds on the standard document repositories included with the base FlexiCadastre product by adding a Microsoft SharePoint option.
  • Documents are registered and associated with your assets in FlexiCadastre, but files are stored in the specified SharePoint Document Library.
  • Dual-level security: FlexiCadastre manages document registration visibility and SharePoint manages document access.

Accommodate the diversity of your business operations by adding multilingual support to your solution.Language Packs enhance FlexiCadastre by adding additional language options to a single implementation.

With multiple languages available, each user can independently control which language to use in the FlexiCadastre interface on log in - no additional configuration required. Choose from existing Language Packs or work with Spatial Dimension on a Custom translation.

Language Packs available include :

  • English (standard pack)
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

    Contact Spatial Dimension regarding Additional Languages or Custom Language Packs.

Whether anchoring a bare-bones configuration or as a starting point for modelling your organization’s processes, Workflow Designs are meant to kickstart your FlexiCadastre implementation.

By leveraging the unrivaled footprint of jurisdictional experience of the Spatial Dimension Team, Workflow Designs focus on the processes your organization needs to fulfill to effectively manage your land rights obligations in those jurisdictions.

Contact Spatial Dimension to find out if Workflow Designs are available for the jurisdictions you operate in.