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FlexiCadastre Overview

FlexiCadastre is the enterprise scale land management solution adopted by leading mining companies and governments worldwide.

FlexiCadastre uses a workflow-centric and spatially enabled approach to provide a scalable, enterprise ready and integrated solution to drive the efficient administration of mineral rights and contracts across multiple global jurisdictions. 

Using a web portal for data management and reporting, advanced task management, configurable business logic and best of breed Esri GIS technologies, FlexiCadastre has become the world leader in mineral rights and agreements management solutions.

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Case Studies

Licenses and Agreements represent your land holdings and contractual arrangements and are the core business objects in FlexiCadastre, supporting complex interrelationships and managed groups. 

People and Companies are the parties with interest in a license and/or agreement. 

Actions control the management of obligations over the life of a License or Agreement, representing the tasks and procedures that need to be completed, with associated due dates and responsible parties. 

Workflows are the sequences of Actions triggered by defined business rules that define your business process.

FlexiCadastre is a web-based, enterprise-scale soft ware product built on easily supported IT standard technologies.

Features a browser-based client for easy rollout to your team while incorporating a robust security model.

Developed around a highly configurable framework designed to meet your organization’s needs.

Incorporates client configurable Workflows and Business Rules, including Notifications & Approvals.


Leveraging the investments your organization makes in other systems is key to driving business efficiency.

Whether natively, through an integration module or as a custom extension to the platform, the available FlexiCadastre integration patterns allow you to realize integrated efficiency throughout your organization.