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FlexiCadastre Implementation Methodology
Spatial Dimension recognises that a well planned and executed Project Management Methodology is the key to the successful implementation of a land management solution.

We use a structured and client inclusive approach to project management in which effective design and planning, proper management with task scheduling and articulate communications between all role players involved assures the ultimate success and sustainability of the land management solution.

While each project will have its own unique requirements, Spatial Dimension typically provides professional services in the following areas.


Since each FlexiCadastre implementation is unique, and will be tailored to the specific business requirements of the client, our projects typically kick off with a detailed Scoping Phase.

This phase will be used to engage with all key stakeholders, document the current and future solution states, confirm user and functional requirements, as well as finalise the project team, plan and budget.

Key risks and project dependencies are also documented during this phase.

The key to every successful FlexiCadastre implementation is that all business processes are well understood and documented prior to the Configuration Phase.

The project team will use the Design Phase to review, optimise and document all business processes required to effectively manage mineral rights and related agreements within the organization.

Inputs into this phase will include the organisation’s standard operating procedures, industry best practices, regulatory requirements (Sarbanes-Oxley etc) as well as the Mining Law and Regulations for the jurisdictions under consideration.

Once the Solution Design has been approved by the client, the project team will commence with the configuration of FlexiCadastre to meet the stated project requirements.

This typically includes the configuration of workflows, implementation of the data and security models, conducting legacy data migrations, developing custom reports and extensions and interfacing with other enterprise solutions.

Once the Configuration Phase is complete, the Solution will typically be made available to the client in a pre-production environment to evaluate and test. Spatial Dimension recommends that an rigorous User Acceptance Testing (UAT) process be conducted to ensure that the solution caters to all stated functional and user requirements.

After the successful completion of the UAT, the system will be promoted into a production environment with a formal Go-Live. It is not uncommon for the new solution to be run in parallel with the legacy system/s for a period prior to their final decommissioning.

Training is an essential and integral part of our FlexiCadastre implementations. The sustainability of the solution is dependant on all users having full confidence in the data, workflows, procedures and the system in general.

Training typically consists of both, formally structured sessions, and more informal ‘on the job’ type training. Training is also provided to key individuals within the organisation who will be responsible for FlexiCadastre maintenance and administration, including first line support.

FlexiCadastre certification ensures that users are trained to the level that they are expected to perform in their daily roles. Our certification policy ensures that the Client maintains control of a key knowledge base within their organisation, and provides a benchmark by which new staff may be integrated into the system. The certification policy is seen as an important contributor to a successful and sustainable of the solution.

After the Go-Live and formal project closure, the implementation team will transition the client to Spatial Dimension's 24/7 support team who will now become the primary technical contact point.

During the support phase, the client will receive support as per their Service Level Agreement and benefit from regular FlexiCadastre updates as specified in their Software Maintenance Agreement.