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Work for us!

Welcome to your happy place


At Spatial Dimension, we aren't too particular about your wardrobe, your music, your hairstyle or your ink.


We're more interested in creating an environment that makes you comfortable, stimulated, constructive and fulfilled.

We've carved an interesting niche in the tech landscape that's exciting, important, valuable and relevant in real-world applications.


Basically, we're bringing the newest edges of tech into the oldest asset on the planet - land and property. And everyone benefits.


We offer awesome opportunities for skills enhancement, personal growth, travel and pretty decent remuneration. If those are the kinds of things that make you happy, we'd be happy to hear from you.

Career Opportunities


Our Software


Landfolio is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) land management solution which enables customers around the globe to manage compliance and extract value from their land assets. 


As the only truly global land management system on the market today, Landfolio allows users to manage their often complex land obligations in a simple to use, browser environment, ensuring efficiency, transparency and governance for our customers.


When combined with our extensive experience, domain knowledge and commitment, Spatial Dimension can provide the complete solution for our customers across both the commercial and government sectors.

Why work for us?


Due to our geographic, product, and customer reach, there is plenty of room for exceptional people to succeed. Consider joining an innovative industry leader and position yourself for future success.


We offer a challenging, engaging and learning environment, applying new and proven technologies to solve practical problems that make a difference in the world.


You would join an established and welcoming team that has embarked on an exciting journey of developing Web-based APIs to deliver our product. These are then consumed by the client-side modules we are building using Angular.

What our people are saying


business analyst

I thoroughly enjoy working for Spatial Dimension due to its dynamic and collaborative work environment that fosters innovation and creativity. The company's commitment to cutting-edge technologies and its emphasis on professional growth aligns with my passion for staying at the forefront of the industry. Additionally, the supportive team culture and the opportunity to contribute to impactful projects make my experience at Spatial Dimension fulfilling and rewarding.


senior/lead developer

Over the last decade I have grown with the company and more specifically, the development team. At Spatial Dimension, you are encouraged to be yourself; with the recent adoption of SCRUM, this has been reinforced. From writing hundreds of lines of code one day, to spending a day assisting team members getting to the bottom of an urgent issue, no consecutive day is the same. The diversity of what I do keeps me riveted at Spatial Dimension.


business analyst

I joined Spatial Dimension in 2022, enticed by the dynamic work environment, emphasis on teamwork, and commitment to fostering professional growth. As a business analyst, I have had the privilege of not only contributing to numerous diverse projects in a short space of time but also exploring different countries in the process. The exponential growth I have experienced here has been professionally enriching and personally rewarding. I eagerly anticipate continuing this journey with Spatial Dimension, contributing to its ongoing success while embracing the exciting challenges that come with it.


software developer

I enjoy working at Spatial Dimension because of the opportunities I get to improve my own development skills. The work is varied and intellectually stimulating, which is very important to me. The standards are high and I'm constantly motivated to deliver my best work. There's a focus on teamwork and I'm able to share ideas and learn from some very talented developers. At the end of the day I go home feeling satisfied because of everything that I've learnt, problem solved and been challenged by.


people coordinator

I find great satisfaction in my role at Spatial Dimension due to the employees' motivated, interactive, and welcoming nature. We're trusted to have ownership of our work, and we have the individual power to improve results.


application support specialist

Spatial Dimension is a company that helps you grow and level up your skills to new heights. I enjoy interacting with the users and clients on different levels. I am truly fortunate to have a brilliant team and great colleagues with whom I can share my workspace. Happy to be part of a winning company!


software developer

The talent that Spatial Dimension brings together is amazing. The team is diverse by any measure and yet shares a common passion for software development and consistently delivering to the best of one's capabilities. Every day I'm presented with exciting challenges and opportunities to learn new technologies, skills or practices. The management team is great and always a pleasure to interact with.


IT infrastructure manager

Over two decades at Spatial Dimension, my professional journey has been a testament to the company's dynamic growth and unwavering commitment to excellence. Throughout this time, I have been fortunate to collaborate with forward-thinking peers and be guided by passionate leadership, whose vision and dedication have served as a constant source of inspiration. At Spatial, the ethos of valuing individual talent, fostering innovation, and prioritizing customer satisfaction permeates every aspect of our work, driving us to constantly push boundaries and deliver unparalleled solutions. It has been a truly rewarding experience to be part of a team that not only embraces change but thrives on it, and I am eager to continue contributing to our collective success for years to come.

Our Core Values

Be Accountable

We stand by our commitments to ourselves, our teams, our customers and our business. We are successful because we own the results of our work and our product.


We encourage our team members to be creative and to embrace new approaches. We are driven by fresh ideas and non-group think.


We are an international team, so diversity is in our genes. We embrace, respect and thrive on this diversity.


We are pro-active in our engagements with our teams, our company and our customers. We aggressively work to solve issues, design new solutions and strengthen our team.

Be Courageous

We foster a sincere sense of community and accountability within our team. As part of this, we are all responsible to stand up for what's right and speak out for what's not.


We are stronger together. The strength of our team comes from our belief in the reliability and abilities of each other.