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Permit Management

Manage and track different types of land access and environmental permits across your projects and operations.


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Permit Management


Landfolio has been successfully deployed to manage permits in a wide variety of operational environments across the extractive sector. Workflows can be developed to streamline and automate the process of issuing, tracking, and managing various types of permits which can in turn be related to the underlying licenses, agreements or land parcels.


Leveraging Landfolio’s extensive functionality and easy to use interface, customers can their underlying land assets and agreements, alongside manage permits such:

  • Environmental

  • Land use

  • Infrastructure planning

  • Pipelines

  • Vegetation clearance

  • Water extraction



The Landfolio Mining Cadastre solution includes a comprehensive back office system for use by government officials which may also be coupled with an eGovernment Portal for public access by license holders, applicants and other stakeholders.


Customer support and usability make this system easy to implement and use.

— Rayonier, Canada

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