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Manage forestry land records and all of the non-timber revenue-generating activities on the timberlands.

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Forestry & Timberlands

Forestry companies and large-scale Timber Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in North America are pivotal players in the timber and real estate sectors.


These companies often hold vast expanses of timberland across the continent and aim to manage and harvest timber resources sustainably while balancing economic growth with environmental stewardship.


The timberlands are also able to generate significant revenue from non-timber activities such as mining, oil & gas, renewable energy, recreation leases, agriculture, and utilities.


Customer support and usability make this system easy to implement and use.

— Rayonier, Canada

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Benefits of Landfolio for the Forestry Sector

Landfolio provides an integrated workflow and GIS solution for managing both the underlying land records and all of the revenue-generating activities on the land owned by forestry companies. Forestry companies also derives the following benefits from a Landfolio deployment:

Manage land acquisition, transfer, and sale

Timber REITs are actively involved in the purchase, sale and transfer of hundreds of acres of land every year. Landfolio provides an integrated and user-friendly environment that allows land managers to view and manage these contracts along with their related conditions and obligations.

Manage tax related compliance obligations

Managing obligations under various regulatory frameworks in multiple jurisdictions can be complex and time consuming. Landfolio can be leveraged to help manage tax-related obligations on the owned land, including automated capturing of property assessment and taxation data, monitoring of assessed value and tax increases, and filing of objection notices.

Track revenues from non-timber activities

Activities other than timber production, such as mining, oil and gas extraction, and renewable energy projects can provide significant revenue for Timber REITs. To ensure compliance from these revenue streams, Landfolio acts as a centralized register of the various leases and contracts related to these non-timber activities. It tracks production metrics and royalty payments to ensure accuracy and completeness of information across the company.

Standardized business processes

Standardized processes ensure process conformity and help to increase organizational efficiency, eliminate waste, and improve corporate governance. Reduce costs by using one system to keep track, record, and report on mineral rights and land assets, across projects, or global jurisdictions.

Enterprise integration

Integrating your enterprise systems across an organization is essential to efficiently manage land-related data, processes, and assets across the business. Effective Integration ensures that information flows seamlessly between systems, eliminating data silos and improving efficiency. Landfolio’s API can assist your organization bringing together these often disparate systems.

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