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Manage compliance for your Government's mineral rights, land cadastre, land registry, and permitting.

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Empowering Government Agencies


Land is the foundation upon which our world is built, its value extends for miles and miles on end, and underpins economic and social developments for governments worldwide. 


Spatial Dimension’s Landfolio platform empowers national, state, and local government agencies around the world, to efficiently manage mineral rights, land cadastre, land registry and natural resources in a transparent and secure environment.


The Landfolio system has helped the Land Registry to become one of, if not the best, government department in terms of efficiency and productivity.

— Government of Antigua & Barbuda


Benefits of Landfolio solutions for the Government Sector

Government agencies that deploy a robust and proven land management solution such as Landfolio, appreciate that this can be a critical factor in the growth and stability of their economies. 


By implementing Landfolio, government agencies may experience the following benefits:

Increased Revenue Collection

Facilitate stable, maximum revenue collection from individuals and commercial entities alike. Identify and incorporate new internally-generated revenue (IGR) sources from land taxes, annual surface fees, transaction fees, document and data purchases.

Sustainable Economic Development

Land record management systems play a crucial role in supporting economic development and fostering a stable and secure investment environment. Studies show that documented land rights help to drive food security, equal access to land, reduce land disputes, and provide a means of collateral for economic and social development.

Increased Transparency

Demands for process transparency have increased in today’s global environment. Transparency in government processes not only builds trust between citizens and their government but also helps prevent corruption, improve decision-making, and ensure that government actions align with the needs and preferences of the public.

Improved Customer Experience

Enhancing customer experience via online systems is essential in today’s digital era where seamless and convenient interactions are expected. With Landfolio, land and natural resource agencies, can securely facilitate transactions whether its making payments, accessing cadastral map data, viewing records or submitting correspondence.

Streamlined Business Processes

Optimize data collection, land record management, and regulatory oversight by adopting a land information system based on the Landfolio platform. Landfolio streamlines workflows, approvals, and processes, reducing organizational waste and freeing up resources for revenue-generating projects.

Enhanced Data Accuracy and Redundancy

Enhancing data accuracy and efficiency is vital for organizational integrity. Government agencies utilizing advanced technologies like Landfolio, along with process enhancements and empowered staff, can cultivate a culture of data quality, resulting in significant improvements in data management practices.

Secure Your Records

Store files digitally and eliminate the need to track and manage paper records and agreements which are subject to compromise by natural disasters, misfiling, and loss. Digitizing hardcopy records can significantly enhance security, streamline access, and improve overall record management. Further, digital files ensure data traceability and archiving for longevity of your records.

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Working with the Landfolio team has been an absolute pleasure. Their team of skilled professionals is not only knowledgeable in their field but also dedicated to providing top-notch service and support. They took the time to understand our unique needs and developed a tailored solution that exceeded our expectations. I cannot recommend Landfolio highly enough for any business seeking innovative software solutions and exceptional customer care.

— Namibia Ministry of Mines & Energy

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