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Land Management

Landfolio provides government agencies and businesses with the complete land management solution.


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Land Management


Landfolio is a leading land management software suite that automates and integrates all key elements of land administration management across both the public and private sectors.


From traditional cadastre and registry applications, to First Nations, and crown and state lands management, Landfolio provides customers with a scalable and configurable solution which is easily localized and integrates your key land management workflows.


With the ability to manage and track land parcel details, land title ownership, compliance obligations and importantly integrate this with other geospatial datasets, land related decisions can be made quickly and easily within Landfolio, while maintaining full transparency and a complete audit trail.


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Landfolio provides government agencies with a complete cadastre solution, featuring a fully integrated Esri ArcGIS server environment.


When coupled with the land registry functionality of Landfolio, the unified workflows within the system enable governments to operate in a seamless environment across all aspects of their land administration:  juridical, regulatory, fiscal and customer service. This means that regardless of how many agencies are involved in a land transaction (Surveys, Registry, Valuation, Physical Planning, State Lands or Crown Lands etc.), all are able to engage with each other directly and have confidence in managing the property record as a single source of truth.



Land Registry


Landfolio is a digital land registry (juridical, regulatory) system that enables government agencies to document and manage the ownership and interests in land in a secure, transparent and auditable environment.

The ability to also record charges, liens, mortgages, easements and other encumbrances in Landfolio improves accuracy and efficiencies as all documentary evidence can be managed in single, centralized environment. This provides a clear, searchable chain of title, as well as assists in supporting the resolution of property disputes.



Benefits of a Landfolio Cadastre & Registry


Users of Landfolio’s cadastre and registry functionality will benefit by having a system that:

  • Modernizes and streamlines existing manual land title and/or deed registration systems
  • Expedites the processing of requests for land information
  • Provides map-based tools for searching and identifying properties and associated records 
  • Enables archiving and public access to electronic geospatial land and property information
  • Creates transparent, accurate and auditable land record transactions
  • Provides reporting tools and dashboards that can be designed to include maps, survey plans and other geospatial details
  • Helps secure map and land record documents from natural disasters


The product is easy to use, and their technicians are efficient and personable. The Landfolio system has helped the Land Registry to become one of, if not the best, government department in terms of efficiency and productivity.

- Government of Antigua & Barbuda, Registry Officer

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