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Managing Damage Compensation Agreements


Landfolio manages all aspects of the damage compensation process for companies engaging in exploration and extractive activities which may have adverse social and environmental impacts.


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Using Landfolio to Manage Damage Compensation



When exploration and extractive operations are initiated at a new site, the operating company must be aware of and effectively manage potentially adverse social and environmental impacts; this often includes properly compensating affected communities. The direct impact of an operating mine or exploration activity can include damage to buildings and other structures, crops and livestock, and surrounding vegetation and water sources which communities utilize.

Compensation is often based on agreements negotiated between the concerned parties, typically the mining company and affected communities. Compensation procedures are designed to ensure a uniform, systematic, and timely method of recording, approving, and paying for damage to property. It is imperative that these companies follow these established procedures—and do so efficiently.



Landfolio, an enterprise land management solution, manages all aspects of the damage compensation process, including assessments, valuations, surveys, and payments in a single integrated system. This solution also provides comprehensive searching and reporting capabilities on historic data and future obligations to improve business management, social obligations and community relations.



Landfolio provides the following benefits for managing the damage compensation process:

  • Provides a uniform, systematic, and timely method of recording, approving, and compensating for damages to land, crops, trees, livestock, etc.
  • Ensures process transparency, accountability, and improved financial control
  • Ensures that affected individuals are informed and participate fully in the process of receiving appropriate cash compensation
  • Improves record keeping and grievance management by establishing a searchable database of historic payments
  • Executes appropriate agreements with the local communities that include negotiated compensation rates



  • Models processes relating to damage compensation agreements into workflows according to the company’s specific internal procedures, negotiated agreements, and government regulations
  • Manages all relevant documents, reports and forms relating to the compensation agreement
  • Manages all tasks, within the given time frame, including scheduled meetings, surveys, payments, notifications, etc.
  • Use integrated GIS mapping tools to provide precise localities for all aspects of the compensation agreement including area validations, resettlement plots, graves etc.
  • Manages payments and rates for the numerous items for which compensation is due