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Mozambique Mining Cadastre is a huge success

The creation of the Mozambique Mining Cadastre is a huge success, so says the World Bank. In a recent World Bank review of its projects worldwide (FY05 Report on the Status of Projects in Execution, SOPE) the World Bank made a number of positive comments about the implementation of the new Mining Cadastre System, a project that Spatial Dimension and its partner Swedish Geological undertook between 2003 and 2005.


Extracts from the report include: Reform of the Legal and regulatory framework is starting to produce results. Mozambique's mining sector continues to attract a substantial level of interest from private investors, reflecting a more attractive investment climate, which includes the development of the Corridor Sands beach sands deposit and Moatise coal feasibility studies by CVRD (Companhia do Vale do Rio Doce) of Brazil. The creation of the Mining Cadastre is a huge success and a model in transparency in the management of natural resources. The goal of receiving 180 new applications in 2004 was achieved. The environmental regulations for the sector have been approved by the Council of Ministers. However, one key piece of legislation is still missing: the fiscal regime for the sector.


"This is high praise indeed and recognition of the contribution Spatial Dimension played in this important project.  The Mozambique Ministry of Mineral Resources certainly has a world leading mining cadastre system allowing efficient and transparent management of the mining sector." says Bill Feast, MD of Spatial Dimension.


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