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Spatial Dimension Announces Successful Launch Helping Timberland Companies with Lease Management

Spatial Dimension is excited to announce the production go-live of the FlexiCadastre* Land & Agreement Compliance solution for lease management with one of the largest private landowners in the United States, Plum Creek Timber Company (NSYE:PCL).


“FlexiCadastre is ideally suited to help timber companies – as well as other large private landowners – manage revenue opportunities from royalties generated through lease agreements on their land holdings, whether for Oil & Gas, Mineral, Construction Material, Renewable Energy or other land use rights. In addition to helping track the requirements of these leases, our powerful process-based approach also addresses managing production, reporting, compliance, auditing and approval activities. I am very pleased to congratulate Plum Creek on their successful implementation of FlexiCadastre for managing non-timber leases across their landbase” said Mike Baumgartner, Managing Director for Spatial Dimension Canada.


Paul Hossain, General Manager of the Energy & Natural Resources unit at Plum Creek explained, “The FlexiCadastre platform provides Plum Creek with a powerful tool to enhance management of its non-timber resources.”


Peter Eredics, Forestry Manager at Esri added: “We are thrilled that Spatial Dimension’s FlexiCadastre solution has found a place in the timberland management market. Their solution fits very well with other Esri-based GIS solutions for the Forest industry and makes the addition of extractive resource management for large timberland owners a more seamless process. FlexiCadastre will allow timber companies and other timberland managers to include more complete business intelligence, facilitating planning and forecasting processes while helping them realize new non-timber revenue opportunities from their land holdings.”


“Spatial Dimension and their award-winning FlexiCadastre product are a flagship partner and key solution provider for Esri in the extractive resource space. With their unparalleled experience helping the world’s leading mining companies manage their land rights and agreement obligations, we were confident their expansion into helping large land owners in the Forest industry manage non-timber rights would be a successful one – congratulations to Plum Creek and Spatial Dimension in this exciting new chapter of their business” concluded Geoff Wade, Natural Resources Manager at Esri.


About Plum Creek


Plum Creek is among the largest and most geographically diverse private landowners in the nation with approximately 6.8 million acres of timberlands in forest ecosystems across the northern and southeastern United States and wood products mills in the Northwest. For more information, visit


About Esri


Since 1969, Esri has been giving customers around the world the power to think and plan geographically. The market leader in GIS technology, Esri software is used in more than 300,000 organizations worldwide including each of the 200 largest cities in the United States, most national governments, more than two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies, and more than 7,000 colleges and universities. Esri applications, running on more than one million desktops and thousands of web and enterprise servers, provide the backbone for the world’s mapping and spatial analysis. Esri is the only vendor that provides complete technical solutions for desktop, mobile, server, and Internet platforms. Visit us at


FlexiCadastre is now part of the Landfolio software suite.