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Tanzania Online Mining Cadastre Portal Launched

Spatial Dimension is pleased to announce that a public and online mining cadastre portal for Tanzania has been launched.


The portal development is part of the World Bank supported Sustainable Management of Mineral Resources Project (SMMRP). The SMMRP’s aim is to strengthen the Government's capacity to manage the mineral sector to improve the socio economic impacts of large and small-scale mining for Tanzania and Tanzanians and enhance private local and foreign investment.


“It is fantastic that another Government has chosen to publish their mining cadastre data through our cloud based FlexiCadastre Portal. Around the world we are seeing a strong move towards Governments improving both the transparency and ease of doing business in their critically important resource extraction sectors”, said Mr Bill Feast, Managing Director of Spatial Dimension.


“An online portal is the first step towards providing both local and international investors with an efficient mechanism to interact with the Ministry on a fair and transparent basis. Many clients are now asking Spatial Dimension to include ‘self-service’ functionality into the portal while they wait for Mining Law and Regulation updates to allow for a fully transactional system where all applications, payments, renewals and returns would be conducted online”, added Mr Feast.


The portal site hosts some 67,000 mineral licenses. The Tanzanian Ministry of Energy and Mines is currently undertaking a full audit of all licenses and encourages stakeholders to engage directly with them should any data related issue be found.


The portal is available from the Ministry’s home page 


FlexiCadastre is now part of the Landfolio software suite.