As part of the Anguilla Program, the Government of the United Kingdom provided a grant to the Government of Anguilla to rebuild its infrastructure following Hurricane Irma. Anguilla’s Land Information System (LIS) had remained largely unchanged since 1974. While the Department of Lands and Surveys (DLS) had been working for many years toward a digital system, the near loss and flooding of the DLS’s building following Hurricane Irma, made it clear that the existing paper-based system was at extreme risk and very vulnerable to disasters. The Landfolio project replaced the current paper-based land administration data and systems with a modern, web-enabled LIS to accurately record and facilitate all land-based transactions. Additionally, paper records were scanned, indexed and linked to parcels as appropriate, resulting in a fully integrated decision-making platform for land registry, valuation, and surveys and mapping.


Project Material:


Anguilla Launches New Land Information System

Anguilla Lands and Survey Department launches Lands Information System Project

Anguilla Department of Lands & Surveys selects Landfolio as their New Lands Information System