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Assistant Director, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mines and Mineral Development Department, Pakistan

I want to sincerely extend my gratitude to all the members of the project from SAGE, Trimble [Spatial Dimension] and KP Minerals for developing this remarkable solution.


I really admire the professional approach of Team Trimble in overcoming every hurdle we faced during the development and really enjoyed the cultural exchange discussions. It amazes me that how a project like this can be a platform for professionals around the world. I myself learned quite a bit. Team Trimble commitment to excellence and understanding the client is appreciated.


Team SAGE too played a vital role and it is because of them we have a launch today. It is due to their untiring efforts, I mean the “Boys” who made it possible, the data collection, its cleaning. The whole data engineering process was literally a fatigue and its them who took the challenge. Their efforts are commendable.


Last but not the least Team KP Minerals, the unwavering commitment to the project and the will to participate in this noble cause while taking the charge, playing responsible has made this endeavor possible.


Once again, thank you for working so diligently and making this concept a reality. This is not the end but a beginning and I am looking forward to new ventures in making this solution better to best.