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Commercial Agreement Management


Landfolio provides a repository for the inventory and storage of contractual arrangements and the associated mineral licenses between mining companies and their partners.


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Managing Agreements Using Landfolio


Hand in hand with mineral rights management is the requirement to manage the commercial agreements and contracts that mining and exploration companies typically enter into with joint venture partners, royalty holders, government agencies, service companies and surface right owners. The terms and conditions of these agreements can be very complex and difficult to manage; the challenge is to ensure these important legal obligations are met and the risks to key company assets are minimized.



A fully integrated approach to managing the agreements and tenure – Landfolio — is the solution. Through the provision of an easy-to-use web interface, Landfolio provides commercial, legal and land teams with a common platform to administer important company assets and their respective legal terms and conditions.

From the initial negotiation stages of a confidentiality agreement, to managing the ongoing conditions and obligations for your joint venture, and any clauses surviving contract termination, Landfolio is the solution for effective legal agreement management.



Landfolio helps mining and other extractive companies:

  • Ensures legal obligations are met
  • Provides a reliable and up to date inventory of all legal agreements related to mineral rights management
  • Improves understanding and management of existing agreements
  • Improves internal governance and compliance for all legal agreements
  • Provides a secure and accessible document repository for signed agreements
  • Reduces conflicts of interest with business partners
  • Minimizes risks of loss of tenure



  • Manage all types of agreements including:
    • Confidentiality Agreements
    • Joint Ventures
    • Share / Option Agreements
    • Royalties
    • Land Use Agreements
    • Service Agreements
    • Data Access Agreements
  • A complete web portal for data management, reporting and task management
  • Support of interactions between agreements, tenure and projects
  • Schedule and track on-going agreement obligations
  • Escalating notification framework
  • Manage geographic extent and areas of interest
  • Simple to use document management capabilities