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Managing Mining Tenure


Mining and exploration companies worldwide turn to Landfolio to manage risk and ensure compliance in meeting their requirements and obligations for mining tenure licenses in multiple jurisdictions.



Mining Tenure License Management Using Landfolio



When managing their mining tenure, mining and exploration companies must be mindful of regulations and obligations. Failure to comply with regulations, native title or joint venture obligations can lead to loss of tenure, investment and ultimately impact industry reputation.



Landfolio, an enterprise land management solution, provides global oversight into land assets, while streamlining the processes associated with related obligations, such as licensing, contracts, payments, renewals, etc. and simultaneously providing an audit record for compliance purposes.



Mining and exploration companies achieve the following benefits by implementing Landfolio for natural resources for managing mining tenure:

  • Reduced risk associated with meeting requirements and managing obligations for licenses.
  • Peace of mind that legislative and regulatory acts are complied with
  • Increased organizational efficiency by implementing uniform business processes and advanced authorizations
  • Saved time managing merger and acquisition processes.
  • Information traceability with full audit/compliance history records
  • Extra competitive advantage by monitoring competitor activities, including new applications, license renewals, and expirations



  • Web portal for global oversight and reporting of land assets
  • Advanced task management and configurable workflows and business rules that reflect business processes.
  • Supports interrelationships between licenses, agreements and projects.
  • Actions that model the obligations over the life of a license such as payments, reports, renewals with associated due dates and responsible roles.
  • Advanced GIS component enables map visualization, selection, and validation of coordinates, restricted areas, minimum and maximum areas, and contiguity.
  • Advanced, automated approvals set up for specified roles within the system.
  • Escalating notification framework.
  • Competitor intelligence and monitoring.
  • Customized audits and reporting that is compliant with legislative requirements.


Landfolio is built around a highly configurable framework.