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Paralegal Officer, Anglo American, Corporate Office, South Africa

With a press of a button, all our monthly obligations are managed, something that in the past used to take forever. Government Departments get paid their prospecting fees / royalty payments in time without late payment which in the past attracted interest payments. Anglo American business units get numerous compliance audits. Those units using FlexiCadastre [Landfolio] were audited GREEN all across board. Never in the history of using FlexiCadastre has a single right missed a due date. Other business units were also introduced to FlexiCadastre and are now on board, with great success. By word of mouth, other mining companies have heard about FlexiCadastre and enquired as to Anglo’s experiences of FlexiCadastre. It is with great pleasure that we can respond on all the positive attributes FlexiCadastre brought to the company. FlexiCadastre is without a doubt a management tool for Anglo American in managing its assets today, tomorrow and in time to come.


Congratulations to Spatial Dimension for delivering an excellent product which caters for all our needs. A friendly, professional team which is always just a phone call away. Never is anything ever too big or too small for them to handle. If they do not have an answer to a query today, be rest assured, they will get back to you with an answer/solution within 24 hours.


FlexiCadastre is now part of the Landfolio software suite.